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Our Vision

PRIMIS aims a different perspective in consultancy and in business, based in sustainable prosperity, where entrepreneurial spirit fuels added value in all inclusive levels. We support you to have a wide view of all challenges and opportunities, today and in the coming years. Together with our partners we act to lead you in the right decisions. Developing sustainable activity plan doesn’t hurt our focus, where successful operations today means right a vision for tomorrow.

Our experts are your guide to efficiency and effectiveness of your competitive advantage. We work with you to create a culture that fosters innovation at all levels of your organization, from your business model to process and people. Our partners together with our experts are masters in creating tailor-made solutions that face disruptive realities head-on.


Practice Fields

Tax and Consultancy

Primis Consulting offers a wide range of services in the financial sector. Our goal is to meet the financial objectives of our clients by maximizing their profits through appropriate support in financial aspects. Our financial experts and accountants stay close to you to meet your needs and minimize your tax burden.

We advise clients on:

  • VAT and Customs
  • Earning Tax
  • Tax at source
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Contributions to Social & Health Insurance
  • Excise & Local Taxes
  • Provision of financial and accounting services

Strategic Planning & Financial Services

Strategic Planning & Financial Services

Thanks to a group of prominent experts in the field of strategic planning, Primis assists clients in crystallizing their strategic goals, implementing effective business plans and improving the operational performance of the tire company.

Our strategic planning process involves assessing key factors related to your business as:

  • Market conditions affecting the growth in demand for services and products
  • Financial Plan
  • Portfolio of services and products offered
  • Logistics and staff training
  • Tools and systems for delivering services and products that increase efficiency and productivity

Energy and Mining

Primis’s staff owns a valuable experience in the energy sector with a special focus on renewable energies. Primis has cooperated with a large number of clients regarding projects of significant importance for the renewable energy market in Albania.

Our energy consultants help you increase your business performance by providing expertise in production, trading, transmission, distribution and sale of energy. We also help our clients to strengthen their company’s management, relying on our experience to optimize operational performance and to optimize the company’s and clients’ internal strategies.

Primis advises you about:

  • Development and implementation of investment strategies in the energy sector
  • Finding the infrastructure and the grounds needed for business development in the energy industry
  • Identifying influential factors in the energy industry and assessing their impact on your business
  • Implementing new business models oriented to the “energy efficiency” standard
  • Improve energy sales policies and risk management structure

Infrastructure and Construction

Primis provides for its clients consultancy through a team of dedicated and experienced experts in the infrastructure and construction sector, providing them with a professional and comprehensive consultancy regarding the technical aspect of the projects and objectives they aim to implement in this sector.

We support our clients through a wide range of consultancy services, by assisting them in:

  • Preparation of the architectural and landscape technical project as appropriate, in order to eliminate architectural barriers
  • Preparation of constructive project as well as project of installations, including sanitary, electrical, heating, ventilation, fire protection installations.
  • Drafting the preliminary and final worksheet together with the projection
  • Consultancy on the construction of geographic databases and creation of standards for the collection and storage of information in digital form

Nowadays, the realization of business operations is closely related to the digitalisation and development of information technology. Our consultants advise on the implementation of effective and broadly accessible digital systems, softwares or applications so that your business relationship with your customers can be more easily accomplished.

We provide consultancy services on digital product innovation, digital transformation, and how these developments can be implemented and positively impact your business activity.

Apart to above, Primis provides reliable and business-oriented advice on transactions, licensing, intellectual property and other commercial, media, and web development related issues.

Restructuring, Merging and Transformation of Companies

Given the dynamics of the market in Albania, your business is often subject to the needs of restructuring, transformation or merging with other trading companies.

Primis provides comprehensive strategic, financial and risk management assessment throughout the process of restructuring your business. Our team has experience in various types of companiy restructuring, including those with cross-border elements.

Also, Primis experts assist you with the strategic aspect of merging of your company with others, by meeting your needs in preparing all the technical and financial documentation for the effective realization of merging.

Public Procurement

Our experience marks a rich memory of public procurement practices over which we have provided technical, financial and strategic consultancy to many businesses that have competed in varioues procurement procedures.

Primis, guarantees great preparation and profiling in all stages of public procurement. Our staff helps you to accomplish efficient and effective operations and better performance at all stages of procurement.

We assist you with:

  • Evidence of procedures announced in the public procurement system
  • Analyzing of the criteria for participation in the competition and tender documentation;
  • Preparation of technical documentation, financial offer, and submission of application to the Public Procurement Agency electronic system
  • Strategic and financial plan for the merging of operators
  • Technical consultancy for project implementation in case of design contests

Debt Collection

Debt collection often renders into additional costs

to the business due to the logistics, complexity, and timing required for this process. Providing with the appropriate expertise in this regard is the key to minimizing such costs. For this reason, our consultants guide you towards quick-tracked debt collection strategies adapted to your specific circumstances.

Regardless of whether your company’s status is active or in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy, we strive to protect your interests as a creditor and collect your credits as quick as possible. Several years of experience in negotiating procedures, techniques and practices for collecting debts for some of the largest companies in the country is what differentiates us from our competitors.

Primis’s expertise provides you with a consultancy-oriented approach to the entire procedure of execution of debt obligations according to the needs, nature and source of debts, assisting you until these liabilities are credited to your account.

Agribusiness and Food Industry

Agribusiness sector is facing an increasing demand for food, fuel and fiber as well as the challenge of balancing both economic and environmental factors. Being an industry of growing interest to companies, public agencies and the society in general, Primis has brought close to him a circle of experts with rich experience both in the state administration and in the private food sector.

Primis has a detailed approach to new technologies that are helping to increase the efficiency of agribusiness and lowering their costs.

We advise you on:

  • Adapting to the fluctuating market factors in the food industry
  • Improving your position in the agri-food market
  • Finding reliable sources of raw material supply
  • Implementation of organizational and operational structures to support new technological strategies
  • Diversification of products and activities in the food sector

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Often, companies operating in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals face obvious changes in consumer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory requirements. One of the aspects that distinguishes Primis from its competitors in the market is the cooperation with outstnading experts in one of the most important and vital industries in the country, such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Primis is the leading partner of some of the most influential medical and pharmaceutical companies in Albanian market. Our consultants help businesses in this sector to deliver more qualitative products to patients, while simultaneously reducing the costs and complexity of manufacturing processes of services and products.

Primis cooperates with you in the implementation of adequate pharmaceutical models in the field of pharmaceuticals, based on the distinguished professional skills of our experts in assessing the factors influencing this sector and in implementing the most suitable solutions for business. Our memories mark successful cooperation with some of the most outstanding foreign investors in the field of pharmaceuticals, who have expanded their activity in our country.


Making the right investment decisions needs a reliable partner, someone with profound professional and methodological knowledge, someone who identifies the true value of a target by providing holistic commercial and operational due diligence
support. The right partner doesn’t simply tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you really need to know about the industry’s success factors and the target’s business model.

Whether you are a private equity firm, a corporate investor, an infrastructure investor, a sovereign wealth fund, or a family office, PRIMIS offers you comprehensive commercial advice across the entire investment cycle—whether you are buying or


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