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For Primis every day is like the first day of cooperation with you and although your company and your business has been in the market for a long time, we will give attention, dedication and energy of the first day. Only with work and dedication can you build more and more.How do we do this? Primis plans strategically, analyzing projects and issues from the point of view of propability. So we prevent every problem and all this thanks to the experience, market recognition and professionalism of our experts, partners and associates.

Us Primis, stand united and work uninterruptedly until we are sure we are following the right solution, because for us the main concern is not the elements that will guarantee success but the factors that hinder its achievement.

Our Vision

We are the firm of the future and stand in the first row of the era we represent thanks to unremitting work, energy, innovation aspiration and our staff’s experience. We offer the right solution to any problem and issue that our clients face, no matter how complicated and complex it may be.

Primis is founded by Av.Isuf Shehu and Av. Ilir Qafa and is focused on providing professional services and counseling in the field of law, taxation and accounting, marketing, management and strategic planning.

Primis is committed to assisting clients in realizing their commercial strategies by providing exquisite advice. Achieving the predetermined target with the client, constitutes our work’s axis.

In achieving client’s goal, we move every stone.

Our Team

Primis Law believes that building a structure consisting of a professional staff is the key to the consulting expertise that our firm offers. For this reason, we trust a team of distinguished experts in a variety of areas of civil, commercial, criminal and administrative law.

Our Solution

Satisfying results are the focus of our work. To respond to the needs of our clients and partners, our attorneys work rigorously to build the most appropriate and personalized strategy for each client. Periodically we report on the progress of work and prepare for the next steps.

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